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Nuyts Engineering is a supplier of flexible and robust Automated Guided Vehicles, AGVs to organisations around the world.

The ability to employ simple but powerful solutions and an absolute commitment to customer satisfaction has earned the organisation a reputation of quality and reliability.

Nuyts supplies all AGV systems in configurations tailor-made for the individual customer.

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Nuyts GmbH
Eitensheimer Straße 41 A
85114 Buxheim

Phone   +49 (0) 8458 - 3974114

Fax        +49 (0) 8458 - 3974115


Managing director:
Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Kurt Krause, MBA

Registered Ingolstadt HRB 4325
VAT-ID-No.: DE146888243


Exclusion of liability:
We exclude liability for contents of external links.


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